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Physical Address: 4th Floor, Block G, The Boulevard, Searle Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925
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Healthcare HIV Management Services
Aid for AIDS

Organisation Profile

At Aid for AIDS (AfA), we believe that every individual affected by HIV / AIDS should have access to information, treatment and support. Through our integrated and innovative programme, we ensure that our clients have the best care, leading to improved clinical outcomes and life expectancy. Since 1998, AfA has delivered excellence with its revolutionary integrated approach to HIV management.

From a prevalence assessment, we design an HIV strategy that fits your specific needs. We then design and implement appropriate workplace policies and procedures to promote the best interests of your employees and your business. A designated relationship manager will ensure that the AfA service meets your expectations and responds to all your queries. We also provide education and awareness programmes, KAP surveys and HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT).

We offer a leading HIV disease management system (DMS), with clinical protocols that are based on international guidelines. This system allows for prompt payment of eligible pathology, medicine and consultation claims, also allowing for secure online access to treating healthcare providers.

Through our enrolment and case management, we make use of our extensive network of providers, who specifically treat HIV. This means that patients are seen by experienced doctors with a good understanding of the disease. We build strong relationships with our providers and offer them a process that provides day-to-day support in the care and management of their patients living with HIV/AIDS. The AfA clinical guidelines are now in their 10th edition and widely regarded as the benchmark by healthcare providers and academic institutions.

Early enrolment of patients is key, and to facilitate this we have developed a ‘pre-registration’ process at the point of diagnosis, where the individual’s contact details are captured electronically to allow for systematic follow-up by our experienced treatment support staff. AfA maintains confidential electronic records for all registered patients. This includes a full history of interactions with healthcare providers, the patient and family members, pathology results, drug treatment regimens and medicine dispensing history.

We also risk stratify all patients routinely so that higher risk individuals are prioritised for treatment support. This allows for timely and appropriate focus on the individuals who need it the most. HIV management can become highly technical or controversial, requiring the input of an impartial, independent and respected peer review committee. Our long-established 'hands-on' Clinical Advisory Committee, comprising of experienced and internationally acclaimed experts in the treatment of HIV and infectious diseases, meets weekly to review complex clinical cases and quarterly to review clinical policy.

To be able to determine the success of the programme, as well as the financial impact on your organisation, data available on the DMS database enables the reporting on enrolment and demographics, prescription patterns, treatment costs and disease outcomes.

HIV is now a preventable and manageable chronic infection, where individuals who receive ART at the appropriate time and who receive optimal care can look forward to a near-normal lifespan.